Win Dairy-Free Delicious and Free-From Desserts!

*COMPETITION NOW CLOSED* Fancy winning a copy of Dairy-Free Delicious? I’ve got five copies to give away, along with five copies of the beautiful Free-From Desserts by Julia Thomas…

Missing cheesecake? Craving chocolate pots? You’ve come to the right place. I often hear from people that they find desserts the hardest type of dish to make dairy free. I think it’s because most of the classic puds lean heavily on milk, butter and cream. Plus desserts make many home cooks more nervous than savoury dishes because there’s more precision and less ‘chuck it in and see what happens’.

I’ve included many classic puds in Dairy-Free Delicious, like chocolate mousse (made with avocados), ‘cheesecake’ and pavlova. But I’m always curious to see how other free-from cooks treat puds, and I’m loving Julia Thomas’ new book Free-From Desserts (also published by Quadrille). I made the creme caramels from the book last weekend  – a wibbly coconut custard with a pool of sticky caramel. Gorgeous.

To celebrate the publication of Free-From Desserts, I’ve got five copies to give away to five lucky readers, who will also get a copy of Dairy-Free Delicious. Each book bundle is worth £38.99. To enter, please leave a comment below telling me which dessert you miss most since going dairy free, and why…

Deadline is 11.59pm on Weds 30th September. Unfortunately the competition is only open to readers in the UK and Ireland.

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  • Sabrina BARRY says:

    I miss apple tart and custard

  • Matt says:

    It is custard – something so simple but I have not been able to find anything that matches the taste

  • Enter Your Name...tarna crawford says:

    ENTER YOUR COMMENTS…my granddaughter has just been diagnosed with a dairy allergy & she really misses sponge pudding & custard

  • Jo gray says:

    Entering for my 1 year old daughter who is CMPA
    I miss giving the little ones bananas and custard like I gave my son when he was small

  • Jodie says:

    A massive Chocolate Sundae of all things naughty…chocolate brownie, maltesers, ice cream, sauce, fudge pieces, honeycomb, biscuit pieces and anything else that goes in them! Now I’m reallyyyy hungry :-(

  • lisa says:

    I miss cheesecake the most. It brings back memories of making it with my sister, we must have been about 10 years old at the time. To me, cheesecake means love. It has been really hard being dairy free simply because the foods that mean the most to me are linked to memories.

  • Toby says:

    I miss creme caramel!! But also ice cream. It’s hard to get dair-free ice cream and it doesn’t taste the same when it is dairy free.

  • .sInead Mcnamata says:

    My daughter Niamh, who has CMPA misses having birthday cake at parties especially anything with ice cream. Would love ideas for dairy free birthday cakes and icecreams!

  • Midge says:

    One word – Cheesecake – of any kind!! Being dairy/soya/egg and banana allergic makes it sooooo hard to find a good cheesecake recipe!

  • Rachel says:

    ENTER YOUR COMMENTS…Entering for my 18 month old little boy who is CMPA. I miss sharing an ice cream with him!

  • Steph says:

    It’s not a dessert as such but I miss being able to buy things ready made that I can eat as dessert. I often wander past the giant stacks of profiteroles and drool…. But I f I had to pick just one, without a doubt it would be a New York Cheesecake, with raspberry sauce on the side!

  • Shona macleod says:

    I’m knew to being Dairy Free, it’s still all new, but I crave a bar of chocolate ie: a galaxy!! (I daren’t have one or I will pay the consequences & be ill for the day). Dairy free just doesn’t quite cut it!
    Flip side will be so healthy in time.

  • Deborah says:

    I don’t really miss dairy now! When I first became dairy free there were very few ‘free from’ products it was frustrating! But I love fresh fruit, pies, cakes, cookies and puss – which all taste delicious and don’t make me ill!

  • Adam says:

    There isn’t a lot that I wouldn’t do for a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream! :(

  • lindsey says:

    I’ve been lactose intolerant almost my whole life, along with my Grandma and Ma. It’s so hard to stay away from dairy when it means staying away from so many yummy things. So there’s not so much “I miss” as there’s so much I’m missing out on!

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