Vietnamese chicken and pumpkin curry

Woman and Home is running a few recipes from the Dairy-Free Delicious cookbook, including one of my favourites… this Vietnamese chicken and pumpkin curry.

Why do I love this curry so much? Well I was given the original recipe by a chef in Vietnam. Normally this is the point where a food writer will tell you they came across a little backstreet shop-front in Hanoi, pulled up a stool and ate the best street food of their life. Well it didn’t happen quite like that. I was on honeymoon, so although we did our fair share of sampling Banh Xeo and crouching over bowls of pho in Saigon, we spent much of the trip at a resort. (What can I say? It was my honeymoon – I wanted an infinity pool and cocktails with little umbrellas).

Part of the reason we chose said resort though was that it had a great reputation for serving authentic Vietnamese food and for its cooking classes. I soon got addicted to the Vietnamese chicken curry…and started ordering it every night. Eventually the chef noticed, and happily gave me the recipe.

After a little tinker back home and the addition of pumpkin/squash to the traditional potato, the result is a creamy, savoury and deeply satisfying curry with lots of layers of flavour from the lemongrass, shallots, curry powder and garlic.

Vietnamese food is generally an excellent pick for dairy-free eaters and one of my favourite cuisines (all those fresh herbs!). In London I like to eat at restaurants like Mien Tay and Green Papaya, and also recommend Uyen Luu‘s excellent Vietnamese supper club and cookbook for more inspiration.

Click here for the Vietnamese chicken and pumpkin curry recipe. It’s also in the book, along with my recipe for crispy Banh Xeo.

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  • Lydia Michaelides says:

    I’m lactose intolerant and really looking forward to making this recipe. Only things is, I’m not sure what kind of curry powder is best for the recipe: mild, medium or hot? It seems a more creamy, fragrant curry than a fiery hot one so thinking of going for mild? Any advice much appreciated please, thanks :)

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