Rose and cardamom rice pudding (for The Guardian)

The Guardian has been running a series of exclusive recipes from the book this week, including one of my favourite puds: rose and cardamom rice pudding.

I’ve also written a piece for The Guardian explaining why I went dairy-free and picking some of my hero ingredients (there’s lots more hero ingredients in the book itself). Do have a read if you have a chance, I’m always keen to hear from fellow dairy dodgers about your favourite products and cooking tips and tricks.

The recipes running this week on The Guardian include a couple of classics reinvented without the dairy, like eggs Benedict and ‘buttermilk’ chicken. Then there’s a couple of Asian-inspired dishes including my take on the Vietnamese pancake dish, Banh Xeo. Plus, of course, the aforementioned rice pudding. It’s a stovetop pud, made with coconut oil and creamy coconut milk, plus fragrant rosewater and pistachios.

Head over to Guardian Food for the rose and cardamom rice pudding recipe.

Elsewhere on the internets, I’ve written about my favourite dairy-free hacks for The Debrief. Plus there’s a brownie recipe from the book.

There’s a nice review of Dairy-Free Delicious on the Delicious Magazine website.

Sainsbury’s Magazine has a couple of recipes from the book on its website: Chocolate cake and raspberry trifle.

Red Online recommends Dairy-Free Delicious as one of its cookbook picks for spring 2015.

All recipes and images are taken from Dairy-Free Delicious (Quadrille, £18.99). All photos by Laura Edwards.

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