Product review: Sainsbury’s Deliciously Free-From Iced Desserts

Sainsbury’s has relaunched its entire free-from range. One of the highlights? The new dairy-free ice-cream made by a small-scale Kent producer…

Sainsers has given its entire free-from range a revamp with the aim of making it easier for shoppers to find and understand the labelling (according to its research, free-from customers spend 42% longer shopping for suitable products than a typical customer. Think of all the fun things you could be doing with that time instead).

The new Deliciously Free-From range has blue packaging with colour-coded flags on the front denoting whether each product is free from dairy, wheat, gluten, egg etc.

I selflessly tried out two new ice creams from the range – perfect timing for summer’s belated and very welcome appearance. We need to talk about these ice creams, because they’re seriously good. They’re made with coconut milk by Taywell, an artisan ice-cream maker based in Kent. The coconut gives them a luscious texture but it’s not overpowering – it’s very subtly ‘there’ in the background but the flavours of both the strawberry and the chocolate really shine through.

The chocolate ice cream (or ‘iced dessert’ if you want to get technical), is rich and dark – not too cloyingly sweet, either.

The strawberry has a surprisingly delicate flavour. One of my pet hates is that synthetic strawberry flavour that tastes every bit like bubble-gum and nothing like the real thing. Not this one, you really can taste real strawberry and, again, it’s not too sweet (a look at the ingredients reveals it’s made up of 18% real strawberries). You can taste the coconut a bit more in this one – a good or bad thing depending on how you feel about coconut (if you haven’t guessed already by looking at this site, I’m very pro).

Chocolate and Strawberry flavour iced desserts, both £3/480ml tub.

NB. The ice cream is labelled free from wheat, gluten, milk and soya. There’s no egg in the ingredients but doesn’t have an ‘egg-free’ flag on the front. I checked with Sainsbury’s press about this and the only products currently listing ‘egg free’ have been specifically tested for egg traces. My son has an egg allergy, but is currently starting the ‘egg ladder’ so I was particularly interested in this one. The supermarket is hoping to have more egg-free lines, including cakes, available soon.

If you fancy making your own coconut-milk ice cream, my recipe from the Dairy-Free Delicious cookbook is on The Telegraph’s website here.

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