Product review: Rude Health Ultimate Almond milk

Rude Health’s new almond milk promises to give you the taste of homemade nut milks without the faff. I put it to the test…

Homemade almond milk is delicious. By soaking nuts and adding them to a blender  with filtered water, you can create healthy DIY milks which are far creamier than the supermarket stuff. If you want to have a go at making your own, you’ll find easy recipes for almond, cashew, rice and oat milk in Dairy-Free Delicious.

But I’m aware that this is ideal-world stuff for many of us. I have a four-month-old baby so soaking almonds isn’t top of my priorities list right now! Unfortunately once you’ve made your own, the big brands with their oils (to emulsify the milk), sweeteners, thickeners and minuscule nut content are a come down. Luckily, Rude Health has launched a new drink which bridges the gap between store-bought and homemade.

Rude Health Ultimate Almond contains only two ingredients: spring water and organic Italian almonds. That’s right – no hidden nasties. I tried it as a drinking milk first. It’s much thicker and less watery than other commercial almond milks – far closer to homemade in consistency. It was also lovely chilled then poured over granola. It would work in cooking, too – as long as you remember to shake it well first (the lack of emulsifiers means it’s more likely to separate). It has a clean, palatable taste and you can definitely taste the almonds.

Homemade still remains the gold standard (not least because you can add as many almonds as you like), but Rude Health Ultimate almond is definitely the next best thing.

Rude Health Ultimate Organic launches in October and will be available from (£3.45/1 litre), Abel and Cole, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended and Wholefoods. Fingers crossed it will start appearing in some of the major supermarkets soon as well.

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