Product review: Nakd Nibbles

You wait ages for a new Nakd flavour, and then loads come along at once. The dairy- and gluten-free snack company has launched a variety of new products in recent months. We tried out the new Fruit and Nut nibbles

The new bags of Nakd nibbles come in seven different flavours, with a distinctly retro ‘sweet shop’ bent. There’s Mint Humbug, Strawberries and Cream and Tooty Fruity for a start. Some flavours seem easier to track down than others. I tried three available from my local Sainsbury’s: Toffee Treat, Salted Caramel and the Strawberries and Cream.

All the nibbles are made from a cold-pressed mix of dates, cashews, raisins and rice flour. Then each variety has ‘natural flavourings’. I don’t know what these are, but they do an uncanny job of making the bites all taste completely different to each other.

Nakd products have never been much to look at underneath the wrapper. My husband turns his nose up at the cocoa orange bars I eat regularly, but that’s a man with the luxury of being able to eat a mountain of Terry’s Chocolate Oranges without a hint of digestive distress. For free-from eaters they’re a lifesaver, a healthy hit of cocoa but much better for you – they even count as one of your five-a-day. The nibbles are no exception in the lack-of-beauty front. They look like pet food pellets. But they impressed on the taste front…

My clear favourite is Toffee Treat. They’ve got a distinct toffee flavour – buttery and rich, which lingers. The salted caramel flavour tastes like salted caramel on the first bite but that quickly fades to a more generic sweetness. The Strawberries and Cream bites also have a good hit of strawberry and of the three, are the ones that capture that retro sweetie feel the most. The bites are all soft and chewy, and easy to digest – you don’t feel weighed down or on a sugar jag after a bag. Highly recommended for kids’ lunchboxes and that 11am sweet fix.

Nakd products are available in most major supermarkets, Holland and Barrett and health food shops. You can also order boxes of the new Nibbles from its website (7 bags/£6.50).

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