Product review: Booja Booja Chilled Chocolate Truffles

Paging all chocolate lovers, Booja Booja’s chilled truffles should be top of your Christmas list…

A few years ago, dairy-free products were a sorry affair. The packaging looked like something from a medical catalogue, and could only be found in health stores or languishing on a low shelf at the back of the supermarket. It’s so exciting to see that changing.

One of the brands helping ring the changes, and bring some much needed glamour to the dairy-free category is Booja-Booja. Based in Norfolk, the small brand produces decadent, organic ice creams and chocolates…that just happen to be dairy-free.

I’m a huge fan of its ice creams. The ‘Hunky Punky Chocolate’ flavour is made with just cashews, cocoa, water and agave syrup. It tastes like a cross between frozen chocolate mousse and truffles, and is insanely good – I’ve fed it to lots of dairy-eaters who love it as much as regular ice cream. Seriously, that stuff is my kryptonite.

I was really excited to try Booja Boojas new chilled truffles. The small boxes are being stocked by Ocado and Waitrose – in the latter you’ll find them in the chiller cabinet with all the fancy desserts. This is a huge step forward – I think it’s the first time I’ve ever seen a premium dairy-free product holding its own among the ‘regular’ desserts. The packaging is chic and minimal – jewel-coloured boxes with gold writing, and nothing on the top of the box to indicate they’re dairy free. In fact, there’s a danger that dairy-free eaters might miss them.

Inside each box you’ll find six square chocolates dusted with cocoa. I tried Truffle Selection No.1 and Truffle Selection No.2.

Truffle Selection No.1 contains two Espresso truffles, two Fine de Champagne truffles and two Kalamata Olive truffles.

The espresso truffles were very rich, with a good hit of coffee. The Champagne truffles were subtly sweet and pleasingly boozy. I was wary of the olive truffles, but really surprised. The salty hit was similar to that of a salted caramel and the briny olive made a great companion to the dark chocolate.

Truffle Selection No.2 contains two almond and sea salt caramel truffles, two rhubarb and vanilla fool truffles, and two hazelnut crunch truffles.

I was a little disappointed by the almond and sea salt caramel. The box said the filling was ‘gooey’ but because they need to be kept chilled, they were firm all the way through. The almond was more pronounced than the salt or caramel.

The rhubarb truffles were deliciously fruity and jammy, though I struggled to discern the vanilla. The hazelnut numbers were my favourite of the three – lots of texture and hazelnut flavour.

Booja-Booja products are also vegan, gluten-free and soya-free. The brand doesn’t go overboard on marketing itself as a free-from product, preferring to shout about its premium ingredients including single-origin chocolate from the Dominican Republic. The products aren’t cheap (the truffles cost £3.99 for 6), but think of them as a treat, like selecting truffles from the glass counter of a chocolate shop. They’re every bit as attractive and high-quality, and make a perfect Christmas present for a dairy-free eater. Just remember to keep them in the fridge.

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