Product review: Alt Milk cold-pressed almond milk

I’m a sucker for pretty food packaging, so I was immediately taken with Alt Milk. This gourmet almond milk comes in glass bottles adorned with a simple typeface. But does it taste as good as it looks?

Almond milk is now a dairy-free staple (sales have gone up 40% in the UK in the last three years). It’s great to see almond milk stocked in every supermarket and increasingly in coffee shops, and we’re now starting to see innovation at the premium end of the market, too.

Enter Alt Milk, a new cold-pressed almond milk. It’s made with organic Spanish almonds, filtered water, dates, vanilla and Himalayan salt.  There’s no oils, no emulsifiers, no refined sugars or any of the filler you get with some commercial milks. Alt Milk founder Rachel Hurn-Maloney reckons the milk contains 20% almonds, compared to as little as 1.5% in some big brands.

The first thing you notice about Alt Milk is that it’s a beautiful shade of white. It’s also much creamier and thicker than most almond milks. The vanilla and sweetness of the dates are both subtle, and don’t overpower the nut flavour. I tried it in filter coffee and it worked beautifully – no splitting or seizing, and the flavour didn’t overwhelm the coffee either. I’ve since poured it on cereal and used it to make pancakes and was very impressed with the results. You need to shake it before use, but actually my bottle showed no signs of separation.

Of course, all this cold-pressed goodness comes at a cost. A 500ml bottle costs £6.95 from fancy-pants stores like Fortnum & Mason, or £5.95 if you order it online. At that price, it’s not going to replace your daily milk alternative (for everyday drinking I recommend Rude Health), but it is one fabulous almond milk, and it’s great to see some gourmet dairy-free products coming on to the market (The Pressery is another brand to check out).

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