New dark and dairy-free chocolates round up

I’m always pleased to hear about new dark and dairy-free chocolates. Here’s the verdict on some of the latest bars and chocs we’ve tried at Dairy-Free Delicious Towers…

Doisy and Dam

Doisy and Dam is a new range of 74% dark chocolate bars made in Norfolk, with added ‘superfood’ ingredients. I’m a bit sceptical about using the term superfood but there’s no doubt ingredients like chia seeds, goji berries and maca have lots of health benefits and it’s certainly the first time I’ve seen them show up in a chocolate bar. The bars are all suitable for vegans and made without soya lecthin (good news if you have a soya allergy), but they do carry a “may contain traces” disclaimer for nuts, milk and soya. So chomp away if you’re lactose intolerant but proceed with caution if you have an allergy.

My favourite flavours were the Goji and Orange – nice tang and juicy pieces of goji, and the Coconut and Lucuma, which tasted like a posh Bounty (a very good thing in my book).

Bonus points for the cute packaging.

Available from Ocado and Wholefoods.



Another chocolate promising added health benefits -this one with probiotics. Now, again I’m a bit sceptical about probiotic products like yogurts that also contain sugar (I’d rather take Acidophilus). But these OhSo chocs were really rather yummy. If it turns out they’re doing my tum good, too then so much the better. They’re made in Belgium and have a lovely, creamy taste. A good one to try if you’re missing milk chocolate.

The Orange flavour for example was very similar in taste to a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and I’d definitely buy it again. Not sure about the packaging though, looks a bit ‘diabetic chocolate from the chemists’.  Again, there’s a ‘may contain milk warning’.

Available from Boots, Ocado, Tesco, Wholefoods, Holland & Barrett and independents.


Artisan du Chocolat Almond Milk bar

I came across this one on a recent trip to Borough Market in London. Props to L’Artisan du Chocolat for trying something new and using almond milk instead of soya. The result is a less intense bar – at 40% cocoa it’s much closer to a milk chocolate than a dark.

The packaging says that Artisan du Chocolat spent years perfecting a cow’s milk-free chocolate. To me, Artisan hasn’t quite nailed it – the almond gives a slight marzipan aftertaste (it reminded me of advent calendar chocolate). My husband loved it though (even though the lucky git can eat anything he wants, he doesn’t normally eat much choc), and the taste did grow on me. Pleasant and creamy, and great to see a brand like this creating a cow’s milk alternative. Cute packaging, too. Please note it has a “may contain milk and gluten” warning.

Available online at and from its London and Dublin outposts.


In other exciting chocolate news, Hotel Chocolat has just launched a range of milk-free ‘milk’ chocolates including some fun Easter lines. I’ll definitely be trying some of these and posting about them soon.


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