Lemon meringue layer cake

Three layers of light sponge, fluffy meringue and tangy lemon curd… and, what’s more, this lovely lemon meringue layer cake is 100% dairy free.

One of the best things about writing a cookbook is the chance to gather treasured recipes from different sources – be it your imagination, your travels or the creations of inspiring cooks. As soon as I knew Dairy-Free Delicious would have a baking chapter, I knew there was one cake that had to be in it… my friend Philippa’s lemon meringue layer cake.

This luscious tower of lemon sponge layers, homemade curd and meringue peaks was created by Philippa for my hen do, so it has a special place in my heart. Philippa is a baking queen who, when she’s not busy ruling the advertising world by day, makes cakes for wedding and celebrations by night. You can check out her website here.

It’s one of the more involved baking recipes in the book as you also need to make my homemade lemon curd  recipe (I’ve yet to find a dairy-free curd in the shops – if you have, do let me know). But the meringue icing is easier than you’d think and who doesn’t love a bit of kitchen blow-torch action? go ahead – unleash your inner pyro.

You can find the lemon meringue layer cake recipe in Dairy-Free Delicious. It’s also on Womanandhome.com where it’s racked up 1.5K likes. Told you it was a great cake!


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