Dairy-free dining: Firezza’s vegan pizza

It’s Friday night and you fancy a takeaway. What do you order? Indian is out (ghee, cream) and pizza is definitely a no go. Or is it? Pizza delivery company Firezza has just unveiled its new line of vegan pizzas, putting pizza back on the menu for dairy avoiders. I gave them a try…

Firezza specialises in Neapolitan-style pizzas and currently has branches in London and Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

The chain spent a while perfecting its vegan pizzas, settling on Violife vegan cheese. You can make any of its vegetarian pizzas vegan by specifying vegan cheese when you order, and you can also customise your other toppings (so presumably if you’re dairy-free but not vegan, you could add some cheeky sausage).

If you’ve never ordered a Firezza pizza before, you might be momentarily confused – they come by the 1/4 metre instead of as round pies. I ordered two 1/4m pizzas – a verde ortalana with vegan cheese, and a margherita with vegan cheese. I wanted the second as a ‘control’ pizza, to see how it tasted with no other toppings.

The vegan cheese works really well, it is stretchy and melty, just like mozzarella. The taste isn’t exactly like the real thing – it’s a little salty, and we decided it was more akin to eating a pizza topped with melted Kraft slices on top than mozzarella, but if you haven’t had pizza for years then it’s an exceedingly good substitute. A great Neapolitan-style pizza is the sum of three parts and Firezza’s delivered on these: a chewy, flavoursome base with patches of char from the blistering-hot oven, a rich tomatoey sauce, and quality toppings.

The Verde Ortalana was my favourite of the two – it was covered with a generous quantity of artichoke hearts, aubergines, courgette, pepper and mushrooms.

Firezza won ‘best vegan pizza’ in last year’s PETA UK Vegan Food Awards. If you can’t remember the last time you ordered pizza and you live in the delivery area, I’d definitely recommend giving them a try.


(Disclosure: Dairy-Free Delicious was invited to review Firezza).

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