Dairy-Free Delicious: US edition

Here’s some exciting news I’ve had to keep under my proverbial hat…Dairy-Free Delicious is going to be published in the USA! Read on for the details…

The US edition of Dairy-Free Delicious will be published by Countryman Press in January 2016. The book features all the same recipes as the UK edition but it’s been completely changed into US measurements. Rocket becomes arugula, coriander becomes cilantro and ‘dark’ chocolate becomes semi-sweet.

There’s lots of American classics made dairy-free inside the book. They include black and white cookies and Reubens (two New York legends), pumpkin pie, ‘buttermilk’ chicken, cornbread, seafood chowder and apple pie. You’ll also find recipes inspired by my travels – pulled pork cemitas from Mexico, ┬áchicken and pumpkin curry and rice pancakes (Banh Xeo) from Vietnam, and a zucchini and tomato carbonara from the backstreets of Rome.

The stockists section has also been updated to list suitable American brands and equivalents to the ingredients you’ll find in the British edition, and the cover gets a natty white and blue makeover.

Dairy-Free Delicious ($23.95; Countryman Press) will be published on 11th January 2016 and is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million and Indiebound among others.

PS… here’s another international edition…

Maidottomat Katy Salter


The Finnish edition of Dairy-Free Delicious is out now. The full title translates as ‘non-dairy meals and delicacies.


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