Best dairy-free mince pies, Christmas puds and cakes 2015

Looking for dairy-free Christmas staples like mince pies, Christmas puddings or cake? Dairy-Free Delicious has picked three of the best in each category, from supermarket and health store finds, to an incredible raw dairy-free Christmas cake. Almost all are gluten-free, too…

This post was brought to you with the help of a festive Spotify playlist and the last of my Hotel Chocolat dark chocolate santas. People, it’s beginning to look, and taste, a lot like Christmas…

Dairy-free mince pies

Waitrose LoveLife Mince Pies

Mince pies are often overwhelmingly sugary. These dairy-free and gluten-free pies have a-not-too-sweet filling with plump currants and hints of orange. The gluten-free pastry is a bit pale but pleasingly short and crumbly.

£1.25 for 4 from Waitrose

Lovemore Luxury Mince Pies

These pies are made in a dedicated free-from bakery so there’s no worries on the milk, wheat and gluten front. They do contain egg, though and may contain nut and peanut traces. Pastry is too soft and thick but the filling is excellent – full of juicy currants.

£2.89 for 4 from Holland & Barrett

Sainsbury’s Free-From Mince Pies

Some of the best gluten-free pastry I’ve tried – it could pass for the regular stuff. Generous filling, with lots of currants and spice. These pies are also egg-free but do contain ground almonds.

£2.25 for 4 from Sainsbury’s

Dairy-free Christmas cakes

Morrisons Free From Christmas Cake Slices

If you don’t want to commit to a whole Christmas cake, these slices are a good alternative. The cake is squidgy with lots of fruit, and topped with a thick rectangle of royal icing. There’s no marzipan though… good or bad depending on how you feel about the stuff. Gluten, wheat and milk free but they do contain egg and almonds, plus may contain nut traces.

£2.62 for 5 from Morrisons

Waitrose LoveLife Christmas Cake

A dense, well-spiced cake with lots of juicy fruits: sultanas, currants, cherries and dates. Not OTT on the icing, either – just a scant layer of marzipan topped with a thin covering of royal icing imprinted with snow flakes. Chic packaging, too. Gluten-free but contains egg, almonds and may contain nut traces.

£1.75/330g from Waitrose

InSpiral Raw Christmas Cake

And now for something completely different… If you find Christmas cake too rich you should give this oh-so-2015 vegan, raw cake a go. Not convinced? The base is made with cacao, spiced fruits, nuts and buckwheat. It’s topped with a layer of raw marzipan which is much lighter and fresher tasting than the regular stuff, and finished with vanilla-flavoured coconut frosting. Delicious.

RRP £3.25 (each pot serves 1) from Whole Foods, Planet Organic and Inspiral 


Dairy-free Christmas puddings

Morrisons Free From Christmas Pudding

A decent gluten- and milk-free pud from Mozzas. It’s rich and packed with sultanas and currants, plus fragranced with a rack’s worth of festive spices (coriander, cinnamon, cloves, fennel, ginger, nutmeg and cardamom). Egg free and packaging says suitable for vegetarians, but I can’t see anything in the ingredients unsuitable for vegans, either.

£3.50/454g from Morrisons

By Sainsbury’s Gluten-Free Christmas Pudding

Suitable for coeliacs and those with nut and milk allergies, this pud from Sainsbury’s tastes indistinguishable from a regular shop-bought Christmas pudding. Contains egg.

£4/454g from Sainsbury’s

Tesco Free From Christmas Pudding

This free-from pud is made with gluten-free breadcrumbs and rice flour. It’s also suitable for vegetarians as it’s made with vegetable suet. It’s filled with vine fruits and has a decent hit of cider, too. Contains egg.

£3.25/454g from Tesco

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