Product review: Almond Breeze Iced Coffee

Almond Breeze has launched the UK’s first dairy-free iced coffee, made with almond milk. We tried it out…

Back in my dairy-eating days, bottles of iced coffee were my guilty pleasure. Not the fancy ones from a coffee shop, with espresso poured lovingly over ice (though those are definitely still a favourite, if the café does soya or almond milk), but the ones you got from the to-go fridge in the supermarket or garage, particularly those Starbucks ones in the glass bottles. Cold, creamy and with enough caffeine and sugar to give you a decent jolt. But, like so many treats, they’re off the menu when you can’t eat dairy. Treats you just get used to living without. Until now.

Blue Diamond, the US brand which produces Almond Breeze milk (one of the best-tasting almond milks on the market), now produces dairy-free iced coffee. The coffee is available in two flavours: Mocha and Cappuccino.

I tried both flavours and have a slight preference for the Mocha. They are both barely distinguishable from a regular bottled coffee, but the Mocha has that extra hint of chocolate, which rounds out the slight aftertaste of almonds. Consistency-wise they are spot on, creamy but not too thick. There’s also a decent coffee kick too – the products are made with 100% Arabica beans and the roasted flavour really comes through. The 250ml drinks contain around 30 calories each and are currently available in Tesco – in the fridge with all the regular to-go drinks. This is a real step forward – it’s great to see free-from products being listed in prominent places and not just confined to dusty parts of the supermarket. More please, retailers!


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