“I’m lactose intolerant. I have no patience for lactose… and I won’t stand for it.”

Jerry Seinfeld

Leonard: I love cheesecake.
Sheldon: You’re lactose intolerant.
Leonard: I don’t eat it. I just think it’s a good idea.

The Big Bang Theory

Dairy-Free Delicious is a website for food lovers who can’t do dairy. Whether you’re lactose intolerant, have a milk protein allergy, or have given up dairy for other reasons, you should find lots of inspiration on these pages. Dairy-Free Delicious features recipes and reviews of dairy-free products, as well as plenty of ideas and information – from where to find a dairy-free baking class, to restaurant recommendations for dairy-free dining and where and what to eat on your travels.

I am a British food writer and journalist who was diagnosed with lactose intolerance in 2011 after months of unexplained stomach pains and many doctor’s visits. I believe that lactose intolerance shouldn’t be a barrier to eating delicious food every day, and to getting excited about eating out, discovering new ingredients and dishes or cooking at home. I know all too well the anxiety you can feel when eating out, or that sinking feeling when you realise the steak was cooked in butter after all, and your stomach is going to be messed up for days. Luckily, things are getting better for dairy-free eaters all the time, and this website highlights all the things we can eat, instead of dwelling on what we can’t.

My cookbook, Dairy-Free Delicious, is published by Quadrille. It contains 120 completely dairy-free recipes, ranging from takes on classics like eggs Benedict, lasagne, ice cream and pizza, to light and healthy dishes inspired by my travels and the naturally dairy-light cuisines of places like Vietnam and Thailand. Order a copy here.

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Images of sundae, carbonara and Katy, and all images from the book Dairy-Free Delicious are by Laura Edwards.